FIGURY (przestrzenne)

FIGURY (przestrzenne) by Ola Maciejewska, photo: Martin Argyroglo, Muzeum Susch

FIGURY (przestrzenne) by Ola Maciejewska dance solo performance Copyright Lindsay Morris, courtesy of The Watermill Center

FIGURY (przestrzenne) by Ola Maciejewska, Dance Construction, Video Still


FIGURY (przestrzenne)

__ Solo dance performance conceived for public spaces & museums.
Duration: 45 min., or a loop: 3x 45 min
__ Video projection. Duration: 20 min. looped
__ Collective experience workshop open to all the public. Duration: 2h

FIGURY (przestrzenne)
Project by Ola Maciejewska

The Polish-born choreographer has long researched the work of Loïe Fuller, an emancipatory figure known for the serpentine dances, and instigator of revolutionary changes in dance and visual arts. Never starting from scratch, Ola Maciejewska draws on the residue of her historical research, and takes us step further, towards the postmodern and minimalist horizons of another American figure: Simone Forti. The new project draws on formal questions which explore the idea of Dance Construction both as a concept and as a physical object.
A solo performance, a film and a performative workshop: these are the ramifications of FIGURY (Przestrzenne), a multifaceted work articulated around time, endurance, and the sculptural.
The idea of the sculptural is not simply reduced here to its conceptual framework, it is rather envisioned as an engagement. By inhabiting, adapting, listening and producing new relations the body maintains with its surroundings to reveal parallel temporalities at work.

An interview with Ola Maciejewska around FIGURY (przestrzenne) in MA Culture fbclid=IwAR3Vj0GVlNs7C31nk6e9_SzcfedKFnJeMIQD3M0ZJHLPrLdWvST6HqN83-4


FIGURY (przestrzenne)

A project by Ola Maciejewska
Production & administration: Caroline Redy

__Solo Performance
Conception, choreography and performance: Ola Maciejewska
Dramaturgy: Francois Maurisse

__ Film
Conception, performance: Ola Maciejewska
Dance Construction: Alix Boillot
Cinematography by Cesar Vayssie

__Collective experience workshop
Conception: Ola Maciejewska

Production: SoWeMightAsWellDance

Co-production: CN D Pantin, Cndc Angers
Residencies: Pact Zollverein, Muzeum Susch (Acziun program)

Project realised with subvention of DRAC Bretagne – Aide au projet chorégraphique

Thanks to: Marta Capaccioli, Maciej Sado, Amaranta Velarde Gonzalez (assistance solo), Scratchy (vocal coaching), Judith Schoneveld (outside regard), Charlotte Wallet (prototype dance construction), Pascal Chevé (mould dance construction) and Samira Ahmadi Ghotbi (assistance dance construction), Mairie de Le Faouet.