DANCE CONCERT, Taichung National Theatre


60 min

Premiere!!! The National Taichung Theater in Taiwan, 7 + 8 April, 2018

I have no desire to become the world’s next Clara
Rockmore — I am much more interested in using this experimental instrument experimentally! —John Cage

DANCE CONCERT takes the form of a dance concert — a musical performance controlled by dancing bodies.

Following the invention of Russian physicist Léon Theremin (1896-1993), the idea is to appropriate operational parameters of terpsitone, an analogue space played instrument that uses ether waves, electromagnetic fields, and the conductance of the human body. It will be a large dispositive that facilitates the creation of a sound-field activated by the whole body movements, initially most of the inventions of Theremin were part of the research on motion tracking systems for Russian military services. The actual instrument was used as a tool for the exercise of power trough which space is understood as terrain that needs to be protected from enemies inside and outside the state, a landscape under surveillance. Here the idea is to sabotage military tool to produce dances instead, its an excuse to engage with the concept of Space. Here, however the concept’s potential as analytical tool won’t be investigated from the theoretical perspective only. DANCE CONCERT is a practice that gathers and bundles together; space to time, movement and sound — as a way to investigate space making and space understanding, making dance becoming music. Working on hearing movement and physicising sound, working on a gap between gesture as gesture and the manipulation of sound as a way of seeing double, hearing double. With this new work Ola Maciejewska generates metaphors related to human and the environment.

This work opens a new cycle focusing on Space; place, environment and the notion of landscape, Space as the most exterior to Nature, as the force of social civilisation. What is evoked when the body enters a sound field — that as starting point, a metaphor embarking on space related reflections, as an expressive field of image that sounds.

Conception, research and choreography: Ola Maciejewska
Performed by: Keyna Nara, Julia Plawgo, Frida Gulia Franceschini
Musical supervision: Dorit Chrysler (New York Theremin Society)
Sound: Alberto Novello together with the dancers
Light, technical direction: Rima Ben Brahim
Instrument: Wilco Botermans
Artistic assistance: Judith Schoneveld
Production management: Elodie Perrin
Acknowledgments to: Lydia Kavina, Nienke Scholts, Giacomo Sponzilli, Valentine Sole, Christian Sebille, Andrew Todd, Andrey Smirnov

DATES 2018
7 + 8 April – Premiere – The National Taichung Theater in Taiwan
12 + 13 September – Productie Huis Rotterdam in the Netherlands
28 September – Le centre chorégraphique national de Caen en Normandie in France
3-6 October – Centre Pompidou in the frame of Festival d’Automne in France
Avec le soutien de la Fondation d’entreprise Hermès dans le cadre de son programme New Settings
(d.t.b.c) Veem Huis voor Performance in The Netherlands


1 – 12 May: Le centre chorégraphique national de Caen en Normandie / FR
26 – 30 June: Le centre chorégraphique national de Caen en Normandie / FR
3 – 7 July: Menagerie de Verre / FR
16 – 24 August: Montevideo / FR
30 August: National Taichung Theatre / TW (Presentation of work in progress)

18 – 31 January: GMEM – La Friche de la Belle de Mai, Marseille / FR
5 – 10 February: CN D, Paris / FR
14 – 24 February: Teatro Municipal do Porto, Campo Algere, Porto / PT
26 February – 13 March: Productie Huis Rotterdam, Rotterdam / NL
16 March: La Briquetterie, Paris / FR (Performance of an excerpt of the work)
2 – 6 April: National Taichung Theatre, Taichung / TW
6 – 11 September: Productie Huis Rotterdam, Rotterdam / NL
17 – 29 September: Le centre chorégraphique national de Caen en Normandie, Caen / FR